Your real estate agent should...
Be honest. Listen carefully to every word. (Not every real estate agent possesses this quality).
Be familiar with various mortgage options, including the variable rate mortgage.
Know the markets in which they serve. Do not underestimate this.
Be licensed and affiliated with a major broker (optional) - double check credentials and references.
Your real estate agent should be courteous and professional! This is an essential requirement.
Be helpful, resourceful and willing to share buying, selling and "real estate insider" tips.
Should have strong, positive connections with local banks and building contractors.
Real estate agents must be good great listeners - essential quality! Beware of "fast talkers."
Should be working in real estate full-time (optional) - part-timers may not be 100% committed.
Not be pushy, aggressive or rude in any way - if they are, fire them FAST! Get committments in writing.